Re-immersion into Spaces of Law: Reflecting on research, connections and seas of change

The elegant beauty of Golestan province, Iran. This week we have a guest post from Mika Schroder, a third year PhD student at the Strathclyde Centre for Environmental Law and Governance. Her key interests pertain to the recognition and safeguarding of community rights, knowledges and perspectives within decision-making processes. Her research explores the meaning and … Continue reading Re-immersion into Spaces of Law: Reflecting on research, connections and seas of change

Makin' Wee Waves

As the year draws to a close, I like to look back and remind myself of what's been given to me in terms of opportunities over the last 12 months. SGSAH has, without doubt, been hugely helpful, not only with funding and providing opportunities for me personally (like writing the blog), but also through the … Continue reading Makin' Wee Waves

Day Off

I've been surrounded by archival material this week. It's the first time I've properly had "archive fatigue" and wow, is it real. It's now got to the stage where I close my eyes after leaving the archive at the Scottish Genealogical Society and all I see is a screen of gravestone inscriptions scrolling past. Freaky … Continue reading Day Off


It’s all getting a little bit fraught in the UK at the minute. There’s a general election happening in three weeks. The media and government are at each other’s throats. Fake news abounds. There are strikers outside nearly every HEI in Scotland right now. And I’ve run out of milk. If you're doing a PhD, … Continue reading Politics.

The Slump

I'm told that once you're through your first review, you might slump a little. You might struggle to get back into the swing of research after the decompression of the end of First Year. It might seem like you've climbed one mountain, only to be told that there's another peak a little further up. Then … Continue reading The Slump

Making a Change

We live in a time when people all over the world are actively making changes. People are planting trees, reforesting, irrigating deserts, eschewing combustion engines, boycotting single-use plastics, and even cleaning the oceans. And you can make changes too. Not always on a grand scale, but certainly on a local scale. And at your HEI … Continue reading Making a Change